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The Chic Organization Ltd - a tribute T-shirt

I am a fan of Chic and Nile Rodgers. I love his songs, his musical craftsmanship and his enthusiasm for life. Ten years ago I made 60 T-shirts that were a tribute to The Chic Organization Ltd. As with all Good at Magic T-shirts the inside of the shirt included paragraphs that explained why the shirt design was worth wearing. Two years ago I discovered Nile Rodgers regularly wears one of these T-shirts when he posted photos on his blog of him hard at work in the studio. Wow, an honour and delight. Nile had been given it by Graham Lewis who runs The Chic Organization Fan Page. Then last year I finally got to meet Nile Rodgers, twice. First at his book signing in London where I confessed I had made the T-shirt without his permission. He didn't mind. (Neither had producer Tony Visconti minded too, he loved his Scary Monsters tribute T-shirt, whereas my tribute to hero Quincy Jones' led to his lawyers dispatching a 'cease and desist' notice). Nile and I met again at Camp Bestival 2012 where we were both in the line up. Chic were on the main stage and I was in the literary tent talking about On Guerrilla Gardening. I lent him my Olympic torch for a photo opportunity and introduced him to my wife Lyla. We had made his first Chic record our first wedding dance a month before.

Many people have asked me to make more Chic T-shirts but I've been too busy (I've even been making some disco music too). But the enthusiasm for more this year has encouraged me to make 100. They look just like the original batch of 2003 on the outside but this time the T-shirts are 100% organic cotton and the tribute I've written inside has been updated to include his recent triumph collaborating with Daft Punk... who you should not be surprised to learn also like Good at Magic T-shirts. Ten years ago I sold three T-shirts to Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, one of them was a Chic tribute. So it's time you joined the club.

The T-shirts are £25 each with £2.50 of each sale going to Nile Rodger's We Are Family Foundation. Postage costs are calculated for UK shipping. If you need delivery overseas I will contact you after your transaction to discuss additional postage costs. To see size detals click here.

Click the button below for the size shirt you want to buy and make payment via Paypal.

The Chic Organization Ltd T-shirt

Nile Rodgers wears his Good at Magic Chic tribute T-shirt in this video during which he's playing his hook from Daft Punk's Get Lucky (1 minute 39 secs):